Event Start Date:
May 1, 2023
Event End Date:
May 31, 2023
Event Venue:
Cornaredo (Milan), Italy

ACRE Field Campaign 2023

The 2nd ACRE Field Evaluation Campaign is planned to run in May 2023 in Cornaredo (Milan), Italy.

The Campaign will include:

Functionality Benchmarks (FBMs) – focused on specific capabilities of a robot

  • Plant discrimination, Weed destruction, Field navigation, Leaf area estimation, Biomass estimation

Task Benchmarks (TBMs) – evaluating complex tasks involving multiple functionalities

  • Intra-row weeding, Crop mapping

To join the 2023 Field Evaluation Campaign, fill the registration form at forms.gle/bu2VVzgx5tAnMK4h9

Stay tuned for further info.