HEART-MET Field Campaign 

The first HEART-MTE field campaign will take place at the Cobot Maker Space at the University of Nottingham from May 23 - 27, 2022.

The HEART-MET competition addresses assistive tasks that may directly impact the user's well-being, in a complex and unstructured domestic environment such as a home or a healthcare facility. Therefore, this field campaign will evaluate assistive robotic systems on both functional and task benchmarks at a physical test bed.

Functional benchmarks include:

  • object detection
  • activity and gesture recognition
  • object handover and person detection

Task benchmarks include:

  • assessing the activity state of a person
  • delivering items to a person within a home

A final list of benchmarks that will be executed will be published on this website soon. The descriptions of some of the benchmarks can be found in the HEART-MET evaluation plan.

The field campaign is open to academic and industrial teams interested in evaluating their assistive robots at a state of the art research lab.


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to get more information or to express your interest in participating in the field campaign