HEART-MET Field Campaign 2023

September 22, 2023

ERL MK Smart City Challenge Meets METRICS: A Glimpse into Tomorrow's Urban Robotic Lifestyle

The ERL MK Smart City Challenge in Milton Keynes from 18-21 September wasn’t just another event; it was the crossroads of tradition and next-gen robotics. The centre was alive with enthusiasm as teams from Europe converged to display their innovations. At the core was Episode 5, "Assisting a Person in their Home", a task built upon the rigorous benchmarks of the HEART-MET competition. Robots took on tasks from fetching items on command to socially acceptable interactions, portraying the exciting possibilities for daily living assistance. As b-it-bots and homer@UniKoblenz stood out, the event encapsulated the coming age where advanced robotics will seamlessly fit into our urban lifestyles.

Final results

Technical scores:

b-it-bots: 1.4
homer@UniKoblenz: 1.2

Social acceptance scores:

b-it-bots: 11.3
homer@UniKoblenz: 8.2

We extend our gratitude for your invaluable participation and all attendees following the challenge.

More info about the challenge: https://eu-robotics.net/2023-09-erl-mk-smart-city-challenge/


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