HEART-MET Field Campaign Results

June 29, 2022

The HEART-MET field campaign/ERL Professional competition took place at the University of Nottingham and BRSU from May 23 to 27th.

It is our pleasure to announce the winners in three challenges:

Object Detection: b-it-bots
Person Detection: HWU
Gesture Recognition: RoboNotts

*b-it-bots also participated in Cluttered Pick (an ERL Professional task).

More info about participating teams and results  are available here.

Follow our news for future campaigns:
1. The Cascade Challenge at IROS 2022 for activity and gesture recognition, and handover failure detection (beginning at the end of summer).
2. Next Field Campaign that will take place in mid-September at the Cobot Maker Space.

Stay tuned for exact dates and terms of participation!




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