Invitation to the online debate “The Robotics4EU Maturity Assessment Model”

June 23, 2021


On behalf of Robotics4EU project, we are pleased to invite you to the upcoming Online Debate on “The Robotics4EU Maturity Assessment Model” that will take place on July 09th, 2021 from 09:00h to 12:00h. 

In this debate, Robotics4EU intends to gather feedback from as many points of view as possible: manufacturers, researchers, policy makers and citizens.

The ultimate goal is to develop a widely accepted maturity assessment model that assesses the conformity, trustworthiness, or societal responsibility of a robotics solution.

To this end, participants will be challenged to answer the following questions:

  • Who would be the stakeholders of such model: Who could operate it? Who could be interested in the results?
  • How to assess the robotics solution: how to convert ethical, legal, or socio-economic issues into quantifiable indicators?
  • How to score a robotics solution: when issues have been quantified, how to determine the overall score.


Your contribution is essential!


Please fill in the registration form HERE!
Note: the event is free but registration is mandatory and will be limited to 60 attendants.


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