METRICS kick-off meeting

February 3, 2020

METRICS kick-off meeting took place on 3rd of February 2020 at LNE (Paris, France).

The meeting started with an introduction by Guillaume Avrin (LNE, project coordinator) who welcomed all participants. He gave an overview of the project including objectives, KPI, the consortium. The ambition and impacts of the project were also presented. G. Avrin presented the objectives, tasks, deliverables and milestones. He also presented the project structure and management organization, as well as the communication mechanisms and reporting mechanisms.

All the work package leaders presented their WPs objectives, as well as the methodology, the links with other WPs, and the tasks.

The partners of each WP in charge of the organisation of a METRICS competition met in order to start identifying the main challenges for the organisation of the competitions, and to propose first answers.


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