2nd ACRE Workshop

Autonomous robotics in agriculture is coming of age, and both research and industry are part of this process. Their fruitful collaboration requires reliable ways to assess the performance of systems and subsystems: in a word, objective benchmarks.

ACRE, i.e., the Agri-food Competition for Robot Evaluation, is a benchmarking competition for agricultural robots funded by the EU Commission within the H2020 project METRICS.

In ACRE, real-world agricultural tasks are used as benchmarks for quantitative and reproducible performance evaluation of robots and smart implements. Special attention is given to the task of autonomous weeding, to which robotics brings a completely new approach.

On April 23rd 2021, ACRE organized an online workshop to:

  • Present the METRICS project and the ACRE competition events, which will happen from 2021 to 2023
  • Illustrate the benchmarks for the forthcoming "Dry Run" Campaign of June 2021
  • Acquire input and declarations of interest in participating in the 2021 Dry run Campaign and the Field Campaigns of 2022 and 2023
  • Report on the results of the ACRE Cascade Campaign, a data-based challenge for researchers in AI, Computer Vision, and Robotics which took place online from October 2020 till January 2021

Here you can download the presentations given during the workshop: 

2nd ACRE Workshop


More information about the 2021 ACRE Dry Run Field Campaign in the leaflet.


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