2022 ACRE 1st Field Campaign

The 2022 ACRE 1st Field Campaign will take place in June 2022 at Montoldre, France.

Come to the Campaign to evaluate the performance of your system, compare it with state of the art, talk to experts in robotics and agronomy. ACRE benchmarks evaluate perception (e.g., distinguishing weeds from crops), field navigation, weeding, and crop mapping. We use maize and beans, along with a range of weeds, but you are welcome to suggest your own crops.

More information regarding the 2022 1st Field Campaign will be provided at the 3rd ACRE Workshop on February 2nd, 2022. At the workshop, you will have the opportunity to interact with organizers and stakeholders and give your feedback and proposals. If you would like to be reminded of the 3rd ACRE Workshop, please email us at acre(a)metricsproject.eu and we will add your name to the mailing list.


At this page, you may already register for the 2022 ACRE 1st Field Campaign

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