1st ACRE Workshop

The role of autonomous robotics in agriculture is coming of age, and both research and industry are part of this process. Their fruitful collaboration requires reliable ways to assess the performance of systems and subsystems: in a word, objective benchmarks.

On October 17th 2020, ACRE organized an online workshop to introduce the ACRE CompetitionYou can play the recording of the workshop via the window on the right. 

The 1st ACRE workshop focused on: 

  • Outlining the state of the art in agri-food robot competitions;  
  • Exploring how benchmarking can contribute to the progress of the field and to the development of a market for autonomous agricultural machines and smart implements;  
  • Launching the ACRE Field Campaign, competition for agricultural robots and smart implements taking place in real-world agricultural environments; 
  • Launching the ACRE Cascade Campaign, a data-based challenge for researchers in AI, Computer Vision, and Robotics which will take place online from October 2020 till January 2021
  • Discussing the ACRE Campaigns with stakeholders.

Here you can download the presentations given during the workshop: 


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