ICRA 2023

METRICS ADAPT Human-Robot Collaborative Assembly Challenge

We are happy to invite you to participate in the ICRA 2023 METRICS ADAPT Human-Robot Collaborative Assembly Challenge, which will take place remotely from June 1-2, 2023.

The challenge aims at addressing typical dexterous robot manipulation tasks (e.g., picking of parts and precision placement, parts insertion) of parts involving intuitive, multi-modal interfaces and human communication channels (e.g., human demonstration by hand-guiding). Selected parts include gear systems that require assembly with tight tolerances, and that can be 3D printed in participants’ premises. The tasks include object detection and pose estimation, robotic object manipulation in free space and in contact, robot motion planning, collision detection, among many others.

The challenge is based on several functional and task benchmarks from the ADAPT competition developed in the context of the EU-funded METRICS project.

How to Participate

Interested teams should submit qualification material using this form by 24th of March.

Qualified teams will be notified before the end of March.

Three different host locations can be utilized for participation:

  • Oldenburg, Germany
  • Paris, France
  • Tampere, Finland

Each host location has dedicated hardware to be utilized. For details, please contact the organizers at agile.production(a)metricsproject.eu

In addition, participation can be done remote as well, by live streaming from your own lab.

The Competition

A detailed description of the competition, including the scenario, rules and procedures, and scoring can be found in this document.


The winning team will receive a prize of €1000 in the form of reimbursement of travel and accommodation costs, offered by the CEA moonshot project. In addition, awards for competition participants and winners are in the form of award certificates. Additionally, an open-source award is given to the team which provides their solutions open-source after the competition, and which is deemed most reusable.


TBM 1 - Video track

Place Team
1 Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore

TBM2 – Video track

Place Team
2 sHaRCs

TBM2 – Live demo track

Place Team


More information:

For more information, please contact agile.production(a)metricsproject.eu


Roel Pieters, Associate Professor, Tampere University, Finland
Minna Lanz, Professor, Tampere University, Finland
Tim Claudius Stratmann, Senior Researcher, OFFIS, Germany
Farzam Ranjbaran, Senior Research Engineer, CEA, France
Jaonary Rabarisoa, Senior Research Scientist, CEA, France