Field campaign dry-run

Preparations for the ADAPT competition are active in the form of dry-runs. For the field campaign this included the following activities:

ADAPT Workshop - The 1st ADAPT workshop was held on Friday 26 February 2021 and included the introduction of the ADAPT competition (field + cascade) and a discussion on stakeholder engagement with partners external to the project. A recording of the workshop can be watched here.

Guidelines for 3D printing – build instructions for the parts included in the competition are developed to assist participants in replicating the competition at their own premises.

Preparation of data – collection and annotation of data that can be utilized for participating teams has been prepared. This dataset can be downloaded from the cascade campaign webpage.

Data generation tools – in addition to the prepared and annotated data, also two data generation tools are developed that participants can utilize in the cascade competition. These are developed with Blender and Gazebo, and can be downloaded from the cascade campaign webpage.


More information:

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