ADAPT Cascade Competition

Sim2Real object Detection and Pose-Estimation Challenge

We are pleased to invite you to join the ADAPT Cascade Competition dedicated to the benchmarking and testing Machine Learning algorithms and solutions for typical industrial challenges.

In this Cascade competition, using simulation data, two main benchmarks will be used to test and evaluate the competitor’s solutions for Object Detection and Classification and Pose-Estimation of typical industrial parts.

How to participate

  1. Create an account on Codalab
  2. Join the challenge
    1. Object Detection and Classification:
    2. Pose-Estimation of typical industrial parts:
  3. Download the datasets provided in the link on Codalab
  4. Submit results for the validation

Representative images


The challenge consists of two consecutive phases:

  1. Validation Phase:            21/11/2022 - 22/01/2023
  2. Test Phase:                       14/02/2023 - 19/03/2023
  3. Results announcement: by 25/03/2023


Please be informed that the winner of each of the two ongoing ADAPT Sim2Real competitions for Object Detection and Pose Estimations competition will be awarded with a “CEA-Moonshot Prize” to attend the ICRA-2023 conference in the UK during 29 May to 2 June 2023.

The Prizes, limited to 1500€ per winning team (or individual) will be paid in the form of reimbursement of the costs of travel, subsistence and conference registration fees upon submission of receipts along with a travel expense claim form.  A certificate will also be provided to the awardees during ICRA.

N.B.  The next METRICS/ADAPT Field competition will occur during ICRA as well, and the winner of that competition will also receive a 1000 € Prize in the form of travel cost reimbursement.

Important dates:

Validation phase 21.11.2022 - 22.01.2023
Test phase 14.02.2023 - 19.03.2023
Results announcement by 25.03.2023

More information:

For more information, please contact agile.production(a)