The ADAPT competition

Call for Participation

February 2021 – OFFIS (Oldenburg, Germany) will host the dry-run event of ADAPT (ADvanced Agile ProducTion), comprising of the dry-run field competition.

In ADAPT, teams compete to demonstrate perception and robot manipulation capabilities involved in industrial assembly processes, such as object recognition and pose estimation, assembly quality control and object manipulation and assembly. In addition, interaction between humans and robots for tasks such as programming by demonstration and collaborative assembly are targeted as well. These capabilities are crucial in agile production environments to enhance processes and support people by artificial intelligence and robotics.

ADAPT is a benchmarking competition where robot and perception systems are tested with industrially relevant functionalities and tasks and evaluation is performed according to rigorous scientific and metrological criteria. Obtained results are therefore repeatable and objective, and demonstrate quantitatively the progress over time and between different systems and algorithms.

ADAPT is open to research, industry and student teams, such as robot manufacturers, integrators, SMEs or students. This dry-run competition will be virtual and teams can participate in the competition from their own labs at the same date and time, and will submit their benchmarks as videos and sensor data to be evaluated. At the same time, this benchmarking data will be collected for the cascade competition, to be held later in 2021.

All relevant stakeholders are encouraged to engage with the ADAPT competition in form of participation, sponsorship or benchmark design.

More information:

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