The ADAPT competition

The ADvanced Agile ProducTion (ADAPT) competition aims at addressing typical dexterous manipulation tasks (e.g. heap sorting, picking of parts and precision placement) of industrial components involving intuitive, multi-modal interfaces and human communication channels (speech, gestures, gaze, etc.), involved in the assembly process of an industrial mechanical system.

The main functionalities tested in separate benchmarks (FBM) include the detection and classification of parts, estimation of part poses, and quality control of an assembly. The task-based benchmarks (TBM) address collaborative programming for assembly as well as the collaborative assembly of complex parts. Each benchmark is oriented towards industry-relevant problems. For example, parts feature reflective surfaces and unstable resting poses (e.g. cylindrical shapes).

The ADAPT competition is divided into two campaigns:

Cascade campaign is an online competition with data and targets only the functionality benchmarks, such as object detection, pose estimation and quality control by utilizing visual sensors.

Field campaignis a physical competition with real robots and targets task benchmarks such as collaborative robot programming and coordination.

A virtual dry run cascade competition is currently open and coordinated by CEA LIST. Teams can participate in the competition and submit their functionality benchmark results remotely. Assessment, scoring and awards will reflect the virtual nature of the competition, as explained here.

The ADAPT evaluation plan available below describes the competition and its evaluation and will be continuously updated. Additional information will be posted here as well.

Ongoing campaign:

The training and validation phase

of the Cascade campaign dry-run is already started!


Coordination team:

Roel Pieters (Tampere University, Finland)
Max Pfingsthorn (OFFIS, Germany)
Pierre Loonis (Proxinov, France)
Farzam Ranjbaran (CEA, France)