The HEART-MET cascade campaign

We are happy to invited you to participate in the HEART-MET Activity Recognition Challenge, which is conducted online on Codalab, and is open to individuals and teams.

The Challenge

In the first challenge, the task is to recognize activities performed by a person in short video clips. In subsequent challenges, which will be announced shortly, the task will be to recognize and temporally segment activities in long untrimmed videos of a person performing daily activities in a home.

The second dataset addresses the need for robots to adapt to new environments, and thus contains videos of activities being performed by multiple participants in a single apartment from two viewpoints.

How to participate

  1. Create an account on Codalab:
  2. Join the challenge:
  3. Download Dataset A provided in the link on Codalab, and submit a dataset usage agreement form to get access to Dataset B (see the Participate tab on Codalab for details)
  4. Submit results for the test set of both datasets on Codalab


  • Start of development phase:  12th October 2023
  • Start of test phase:                   13th November 2023
  • End of competition:                 24th November 2023


Important dates:

Development phase October 12, 2023
Test phase November 13, 2023
Remote Execution stage November 24, 2023

Coordination team:

Nico Hochgeschwender