'HEART-MET - Competition for Healthcare Robotics'  

During the webinar, the HEART-MET competition was introduced. We were glad to meet all interested teams, sponsors and other roboticists.  

HEART-MET (Healthcare Robotics Technologies - Metrified) is part of the METRICS project funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program.
The competition aims to address the growing age-related healthcare costs and quality of life problems, which threaten the stability and safety of the social security systems in charge of paying and maintaining high quality of healthcare. It addresses tasks that may directly impact the user's well-being, in a complex and unstructured domestic environment. This implies the use of a wide variety of functionalities, and requires a strict validation of the safety of the robotic behaviours. 

The robots are evaluated on functionalities such as object detection, gesture and activity recognition, robot-human and human-robot object handover, which are required to complete tasks such as assessing the activity state of a person, delivery household items to a person and preparing and transporting a drink. The field campaigns will be conducted at certified test-beds with physical robots, whereas the cascade campaigns will be conducted online, where performance is evaluated on datasets collected during the field campaigns. 

The webinar recording is also available on the Metrics Youtube channel.


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